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SL HNS Weekly Work Crew.
5:00 PM to 7:00 PM
Assorted projects. Volunteers needed. Contact Ralph Hershberger (570) 753-2063.


SL HNS Weekly Work Crew.
5:00 PM to 7:00 PM
Assorted projects. Volunteers needed. Contact Ralph Hershberger (570) 753-2063.
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June 17, 2018

Reverend Bert S. Kozen V.F., Pastor


j0297977Dear Parishioners,

What is the Kingdom of God like? The first reading and Gospel for today offer us two different images. The prophet Ezekiel imagines the Kingdom to be like a majestic cedar that when fully grown offers all kinds of shelter to birds and resources to man. The Gospel offers an image that is almost the direct opposite. The mustard seed is one of the smallest of seeds and grows into a shrub that by shrub standards might be impressive, but certainly is not close to being the equal of even the smallest of trees.

What do these opposing views say to us? First, although they do differ greatly in the size of the images there is no conflict between them. The Kingdom of God is multi-faceted and includes many parts. It is big enough to take in all of creation even when it is fully enfolded and realized. It is also intimate insofar that it includes the personal relationship that God has formed with each of us.

Second, it is always important to remember that we are dealing with a mystery that we will never understand and comprehend until we are part of and one with the Kingdom. As we continue our journey of faith let us strive to demonstrate with our lives that we are not only pursuing the Kingdom of God, but that though our actions we are assisting in bringing it to completion.

May God Bless You,

Father Bert




We would like to congratulate our High School graduates from St. John Neumann, Jersey Shore High School, Home School Program, Williamsport and Lock Haven High School: Emma Butzler, John Carpenter, Cheyenne Danneker, Brandon DePasqua, Jason Dincher, Janel Eck, Krista Eck, Noah Eck, MacGuire Griswold, Sofie Hayes, Baleigh Lorson, Dominic Maneval, Madison Myers, Noah Persun, Delaney Schilling & Cody Stetts.



Please pray for Christian Rishel and Paige Packer who were united in the Sacrament of Marriage in Immaculate Conception Church last week. May God bless them with the courage and strength it takes to remain in His love, and that, in love, they will find happiness grows deeper each day.



June 22 IC/SL Altar Server Knoebels Trip

June 24-28 IC/SL Vacation Bible School

July 8 Summer Confirmation Class 1:00-2:00pm SL Church

Aug 12 Summer Confirmation Class 1:00-2:00pm IC Church

Oct 24 SL Sauerkraut Dinner



I’d like to wish the dads among us a happy Father’s Day. Your guidance of (and sacrifice for) your children is not unnoticed. May God continue to bless you and keep you.



Pictures from the 180th Anniversary Celebration can be viewed and purchased by going to the following link: http://davidade.zenfolio.com/ic180.



  1. video of the 180th Mass at Immaculate Conception is available to download for free. The file is very large; approximately 7 GB: Here is the link: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1NIypi1DOveCxv1mL0YCcFDge2aXiLD2h.



Last weekend Andrew Elliott Fretwell was baptized in Immaculate Conception Church. Please pray for him and his family as they grow in wisdom and grace.




We have concluded the Easter Season and the summer months of ordinary time are a good time to begin our preparations for the next Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults. If anyone is interested in becoming Catholic or inquiring about the Catholic Faith or knows of someone that may be interested please contact the parish office.



Several of our youth and adults will be going to Virginia on a mission trip in June: Veronica Sander, Emma Butzler, Sophie Lauer, Josiah Reid, Oliver Matz, Aubrey Segraves, Sue Sander, Anthony Segraves, Elizabeth Segraves, Don Price & Dona Price. Please be sure to pray for them for their safe return to us.



St. Luke and Immaculate Conception are need of Altar Servers. Children who have received First Communion up to high school graduation are eligible. If interested contact the parish office, 570-745-3301.



A reminder to all Altar Servers signed up for the outing to Knoebels Grove on Friday, June 22. A coach bus will be picking up at St. Luke 9:00 a.m. and at Immaculate Conception at 9:20 a.m. We are hoping for an arrival at Knoebels around 11:00 a.m. Lunch will be served at 11:00 a.m. before we enter the amusement park and will be provided by the church. There will be a cooler of bottled water at the pavilion that the children will have access to all day. Departure from Knoebels will be at 7:00 p.m. with an arrival back to Immaculate Conception around 8:30 p.m. and St. Luke at 8:50 p.m. The children 13 years of age and older will be able to go off into the park without a chaperone but they must have a partner. Children 12 years and younger will have a chaperone with them in the park. There will be a chaperone back at the pavilion at all times in case anyone needs to return to the pavilion for any reason.




Mass Intentions

Monday (June 18) Weekday


8:00 am (SL) Pat McConnell

by Ed & Pat Suponcic


Tuesday (June 19) Weekday


8:00 am (IC) James Steinbacher

by Dave


Wednesday (June 20) Weekday


8:00 am (IC) Michael Shebest

by his family


Thursday (June 21) St. Aloysius Gonzaga, Religious


7:00pm (IC) Len Steinbacher

by Dave


Friday (June 22) Weekday


8:00 am (SL) William & Mary Rall

by Harry & Evelyn Rall


Saturday (June 23) Vigil: The Solemnity of the

Nativity of St. John the Baptist


4:00pm (IC) John Hoffman

by Vern & Lorrie Nau


6:00 pm (SL) Kasey Kemmerer

by Mark & Kelly Watson


Sunday (June 24) The Solemnity of the

Nativity of St. John the Baptist


8:30am (IC) Justin Moore

by his dad


10:30 am (SL) for the people of our parishes




Registration for VBS 2018 will began the weekend of May 26/27! This year the theme is "Splash Canyon" and features a daily catechism citation and "water-based" related bible and saint stories! VBS will run Sunday, June 24 - Thursday, June 28 from 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm. It is open to children ages 4 to completion of 4th grade from IC or St. Luke’s parishes. Children/teens grades 5 to 12 can sign up to volunteer. Adults wanting to volunteer in any position are asked to contact Kimber Wenner (570)745-7124, ASAP to assist in planning. Monetary donations are always welcome to use for snacks/crafts and may be placed in the weekly collection clearly marked for VBS 2018.




  1. the 10th year in a row, our parishes are supporting the Jersey Shore Summer Recreation Program. This year Summer Recreation is still using the Food Bank to cook, prepare, and deliver meals. The churches are asked to send 3 or 4 volunteers, still at lunch time between 11:30 am and noon, to help serve the food to the kids. They are also asking us to provide a dessert for the children after they eat their lunch. This year the week that we will be providing help to serve lunch and provide a dessert is July 2-6. Please take note to the schedule below and support our societies by lending a helping hand on the days that you are able to:

Monday, July 2 SL Holy Name Society (Ralph Hershberger - 570-753-2063),

Tuesday, July 3 SL Altar & Rosary Society (Kim Crossen – 570-295-6591),

Wednesday, July 4 Holiday

Thursday, July 5 IC St. Ann’s Society (Cheryl Palski – 570-745-7653),

Friday, July 6 IC Holy Name Society (Jeff Wenner – 570-745-7124) & Knights of Columbus (Roger Mahosky - 570-745-3780).



Confessions are heard at the following times at St. Luke and Immaculate Conception Churches:

Thursday, Immaculate Conception 6:15-6:40pm

Saturday, Immaculate Conception 3:00-3:30pm

Saturday, St. Luke 5:15-5:35pm





  1. Conception is in need of a CCD teacher for the 3rd grade. These are important years for the youth of the parish as they continue to learn and develop key strategies to make faith based decisions. Having a solid foundation in our faith helps create socially responsible citizens. Class materials are provided as is assistance with lessons if needed. The commitment is just over 30 hours for the entire year. There are many resources provided by the Diocese as well. Classrooms can be co-taught if you are concerned about teaching for the first time. Please consider sharing and growing in your faith by supporting the youth of our parish, our future leaders. Remember, we are all teachers through our daily actions. Any interested individuals may contact Anthony & Elizabeth Segraves at 570-320-0752.




Two confirmation classes have been scheduled for the summer. Confirmation candidates must attend at least one of these classes:

  • Sunday, July 8, 1:00-2:00 p.m. SL
  • Sunday, August 12, 1:00-2:00 p.m. IC




Are you being called to a life of religious service? Check out Scranton Vocations to see if God may be calling you: www.dioceseofscranton.org.



We continue to have boxes located in the vestibule of both our churches for donations for the Jersey Shore Love Center Food Pantry: For the month of June the pantry is in need of boxes of jello, any flavor. The pantry is always in need of peanut butter.



Lord, please take care of our dads. Though they are brave and protective, they must also be frightened sometimes. When money runs low and when we need things, Lord, when their hearts break because they can't do it all; Please help us to let them know how much we love them. And how much You love them. Amen!



Engaged couples, remember that you should make an appointment with Fr. Kozen as soon as you become engaged. After you have had your initial meeting, you are to register for an Engaged Encounter weekend or diocesan Pre Cana conference and attend as early as possible. Choose a program scheduled at least six months before your anticipated wedding date so that there is time for follow up. Likewise, be sure to schedule Natural Family Planning instruction several months before your wedding. Marriage preparation information, program dates and a registration form are posted at www.dioceseofscranton.org (click on Marriage Preparation).



We are planning a Parish Baseball Outing at a Williamsport Crosscutters game for Sunday, July 22 at 5:05 pm. Any parishioner from St. Luke and Immaculate Conception may sign up for this evening of parish family fun. General Admission tickets will be purchased by the parishes and we will take a bus to the ball park for anyone who wants or needs a ride. Pick up at St. Luke, 3:15pm and Immaculate Conception, 3:30pm Sign-up sheets can be found in both the vestibules. If you are driving to the game, please be sure to pick up your tickets at the parish office. Sign-up deadline is Monday, July 9.




Saturday, June 23



  1. p.m. 6:00 p.m.

Altar Servers

Aliyah Neece Matthew Harbach

Grace Lorson

Trent Severino


Robert Winter Kateri Cohick


Roger Mahosky Kim Crossen

Communion Ministers

Kelli Meixel Mike Lundy

Nancy Waldman Rick Morton

Patti Pfirman Dee Todd


Sunday, June 24


  1. a.m. 10:30 a.m.

Altar Servers

Avery DePasqua Cailyn Schall

Chrissie Cowfer Ethan Johnson

Kaidance Meixel


Lenny Stopper Dona Price


Bruce Rogers Barb Kozlowski

Communion Ministers

Rose Schilling Bob Kozlowski

Jerry Nau Don Price

Ron Sander Pat Suponcic




We will be working on the next schedule for August, September & October, 2018. For St. Luke please get a hold of: Altar Servers, Lectors and Communion Ministers - Barb Fedele - Jfedele2@comcast.net or Judy Morlock - jmorlock@verizon.net. Cantors should get ahold of Kateri Cohick, 570-398-1166. Immaculate Conception liturgical volunteers should get a hold of the following: Altar Servers - Vern Nau 745-7696, Cantors - Karen Baier 745-3251, Lectors - Lector scheduler is needed, Communion Ministers - Bob Winter 745-2255 and Altar Pappies - Joe Waldman 745-3273.




The following is intended as a gentle reminder to help us worship together in our beautiful churches in a manner that is respectful of our sacred place for prayer and respectful of those who share faith and prayer with us. Keeping Our Church Clean – After each Mass people leave behind tissues, cheerios, etc. Please clean up after yourself so that the church is neat for those who pray after you. Also, please replace the missalettes and hymnals neatly in the racks provided. Entering into the Spirit of Prayer - Mass means more to us when we enter into the spirit of prayer and worship by participating fully. Respond to prayers with conviction; listen quietly and attentively to the scripture readings; avoid unnecessary talking and noise so as not to disrupt the attention of others; sing with the voice God has given you. Even if you are hesitant to sing, follow along with the hymns in praise of God. All cell phones should be turned off, except for doctors.



Burial of the dead is one of the corporal works of mercy of the Catholic Church. A catholic practicing ones faith and in good standing can never be denied a Christian burial. This is not a diocesan or parish policy but comes directly from the Churches Canon Law.




We will journey to the Finger Lakes Wine Festival on Sunday, July 15. Departure from St. Luke Church will be at 7:00 a.m. with pick up at Immaculate Conception Church around 7:20 a.m. We will then proceed to Watkins Glenn. Arrival at the festival will be around 10:30 a.m. There will be no stop for breakfast on the way, but a wide variety of foods are available at the festival when we arrive. The price for the trip is $60 per person. Makes checks payable to Immaculate Conception Church. The price includes admission to the festival and all of the wine tasting a person desires, along with a commemorative wine tasting glass and transportation to and from the festival. We will be stopping for dinner on our return trip home. Arrival at Immaculate Conception Church will be around 10:00 p.m. with an arrival at St. Luke around 10:20 p.m. If interested please contact the parish office at 745-3301 by Friday, June 15.



The replacement WWI Memorial Statue in the Immaculate Conception Cemetery has arrived. The new statue will be be put in place in May. The cost of the statue is $11,500 plus additional cost for Customs, Duty and shipment. We are accepting memorial contributions that will be acknowledged by means of a plaque mounted on the base of the statue. Anyone interested in donating towards the statue can send your donation to the parish office or drop it in the collection basket marked "statue donation". Thus far we have received $10,070 in donations towards the statue.



If you plan to vacation this summer, please remember to learn the location of the nearest Catholic church to your destination as well as its Mass times. Go to www.masstimes.org to find information on any parish in the world so that you may fulfill your Sunday obligation. Remember: you should never take a “vacation” from God!

The information panel has arrived and is waiting to be put up.  I has the history and pictures of the Immaculate Conception Church and parish.  The panel will be placed somewhere in the front of the church building.  The exact location has not been determined yet.  The panel will be 60" w x 24"h and will sit on a triple pedestal 57" h.  The cost for the panel is $1,820.00.  Anyone wishing to give a donation towards this 180th anniversary project can place  a check or money in the collection basket in an envelope marked "Info panel donation" mail it to the parish office or drop it off to the parish office.  Thus far we have received $60.00.

The following  SL  parishioner is scheduled to clean the sanctuary  June 22:  Kim Crossen.


The following IC parishioners are scheduled to clean the church on June 22: P Meixel & E Rogers.



The following Immaculate Conception parish families are scheduled to bring up the gifts in the offertory procession for the weekend of June 24: Saturday: Milt Rogers Family Sunday: Ron Sander Family.



St. Luke gift bears for: Saturday, June 23: Ushers. Sunday, June 24: Ryan Scanlan Family.



The sanctuary candle will burn during the month of June at St. Luke for: Intentions of Caitlin Cummings as requested by Carolina Edwards, Robert & Carmel Pagnotto as requested by their children. At Immaculate Conception for: Special Intentions as requested by Bernie & Pat Rell, John & Larry Hoffman as requested by Pat Hoffman, Kevin Plocinski as requested by Fred & Pat Dincher & Intentions of Walter Eck as requested by Joy Eck.



  1. bound parishioners are reminded that they may have Holy Communion brought to them on the First Friday of each month by calling the Parish Office, 745-3301, and requesting this service. This spiritual care is offered to any parishioner who, because of illness or advanced age, cannot leave their homes and attend Mass. visitation may be requested for a certain period of recovery time or for a more permanent basis. The sacraments of reconciliation (confession) and anointing of the sick are offered to all home bound parishioners every Advent and Lent and upon request. Also, Fr. Kozen serves as the Catholic chaplain at the Manor Care Nursing , Jersey Shore, and the Jersey Shore Hospital. He offers Mass at the nursing home monthly and cares for the requested sacramental needs of the Catholic residents of the nursing home and the Catholic patients at the hospital.



Father Bert will be joining Fr. Finn for another pilgrimage to the Holy Land. The dates are November 2, 2019 - November 12, 2019. More details to follow. Anyone interested make sure you mark the dates in your calendar and watch the bulletin for a meeting in the fall.




The information below is St. Luke's financial running total according to the Monthly Financial Reports.


July + 164.70

August -3,379.08

September - 664.72

October +1,644.02

November - 1,285.28

December +10,321.97

January - 7,916.34

February - 602.04

March - 1,744.41

April + 5,026.63


Running Total +1,565.45



If you are in need of a priest, particularly for emergencies, please call the rectory FIRST. If Father is in the rectory and available he will answer the call. If not, please leave a message and he will get back to you as soon as possible.



Parishioners are asked to contact the parish office with any changes to your telephone number, e-mail address or home address.



  1. your parish avoid the annual “summer slump.” Every summer the offering drops when parishioners are out of town for vacation, and for most folks, if we aren’t present at Mass, obviously we aren’t there to put our offertory in the basket. In the meantime, the bills and necessary expenses to carry on the parish ministry continue during the summer and must be paid. The solution! You plan ahead for your vacation and make reservations and send deposits for your hotel and other accommodations. In the same way, why not put the offering for the weeks you will be away in the offertory basket before you leave. Then you can enjoy your vacation with the clear conscience that the mission and ministry of the parish can continue unhindered as you enjoy your time of relaxation.




Weekly $ 1,693.00 $2,942.00

Loose 216.00 88.00 Monthly 866.00 345.00

Utilities 10.00 10.00

Votive 12.00 0

Total Collection: $ 2,797.00 $ 3,385.00

INCOME GOAL: 3,011.45 3,658.23

  1. Over/(Under Goal) $ - 214.45 $ - 273.23


Additional Collections

Care & Edu of Priest 35.00 113.00

Building Fund 381.00 475.00

Diocesan Appeal 231.00 190.00


May the Lord reward your generosity


Life is too short to be lived halfheartedly


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