Samson Healing Retreat for Men

It is with great pleasure that I announce to the Church this exciting new retreat program for men called "Samson." This healing outreach of The King's Men apostolate is designed to offer men hope and healing from past hurts, pain and current struggles in their lives.

I am humbled by the opportunity to walk with these men on their journey towards freedom from their abusive and painful past. It is my sincere hope that this retreat will be an answer for those who have long been in silence about their story. For those who have been waiting for an invitation to be set free from the chains that have been keeping them from coming alive as men and fulfilling their great mission in life...welcome!

- Founder, Mark Houck



The goal of the “Samson” retreat is to help men confront past trauma or the issue of ongoing or past abuse in their lives.

Many men are victims of sexual, emotional, physical, verbal, and even spiritual abuse, yet seldom – if ever – confront this past or present situation head-on. The same goes for men who have encountered trauma, whether in the line of duty or chance happening, who have buried their past in a desperate pursuit of peace. At Samson, men will have the opportunity to allow God’s grace to penetrate these dark places of trauma and abuse.

The purpose of the retreat is not to offer clinical help or therapy to the participants, but to allow the graces that flow through the Sacraments of Eucharist and Reconciliation, Adoration, the prayer of the Holy Rosary, and other devotionals to do the healing work. At Samson, we bring our struggles to the cross not as individuals, but as a loyal band of brothers journeying toward freedom.

The weekend has an experiential element to it, which will allow men to use their God-given gift of masculinity to glorify God, build each other up, and bring further healing and freedom to their lives. We hope to have you join us at our next retreat.




All men over the age of 18 are welcome to attend this retreat; the sole requirement is that each man comes to the retreat with the deliberate intent to invite Christ’s healing into a wound or struggle in his life. Men today encounter a myriad of trauma and abuse, most of which goes unrecognized or ignored. Men attending Samson may be experiencing or have experienced:

  • Traumatic Stress…such as a close encounter with death, witnessing a fatality or tragedy, combat stress, post-abortive men
  • Sexual abuse… such as molestation, rape, pornography exposure and chronic masturbation (sexual self abuse)
  • Emotional abuse… such as abandonment, child of divorce, orphans, neglect, psychological mistreatment, living in constant fear
  • Physical abuse… such as hazing, self-mutilation, extreme corporal punishment, any other degrading forms of punishment
  • Verbal abuse… such as labeling, name calling, taunting, intimidation, bullying
  • Spiritual abuse… such as using God’s Word to manipulate, coerce, and prevent feelings or emotions from being expressed

Though much of the above pain has been socially normalized and marginalized, the human heart made for the sole purpose of receiving and giving God’s love still recognizes the truth and yearns for healing. Your story is in good hands in the Samson Brotherhood, and we desire greatly for you to come and pray with us.




Discovery House | Nesco, NJ | Aug. 20th - 23rd, 2020

Discovery House | Nesco, NJ | Nov. 5th - 8th, 2020


How Do I Attend?

Christ came not to bring more coping mechanisms for our pain, but to set us free.


Samson Retreat is held at the Discovery Retreat House. [3730 Richards Avenue, Mullica Township (Nesco), NJ 08037.] More information about the retreat house can be found at the Discovery House website.



The Samson Retreat is offered by The King's Men Apostolate.  To speak to someone locally about The King's Men or Samson Retreat you can reach out to Mark Schall at 570-220-8255 or contact Mark Houcke with the King's Men at